About Me

Hey, I’m Keith Waters.

As a guy now in my early 30s, I grew up with the rise of the internet. When I was just a kid in Brattleboro, VT I was using my parent’s dial-up connection to enjoy message-boards, Alta Vista and a bunch of glittering HTML websites. It felt like I had opened a tunnel to the world I wanted to be set.

Keith Waters

Since those years, I’ve seen the internet lose its purpose and become a place where corporations and governments exploit their power. We’ve lost our privacy and we’ve lost our freedom – which is what the internet should always be about.

Over the years, my friends in the tech community have shared alarming stories with me about concerned activists and torrents who have lost that freedom. I also soon noticed how even VPNs were being exploited to sell data to third parties.

Then it soon became public knowledge of just how much our online activity was being tracked.

That’s when I started to dig deep into all things VPNs. I couldn’t let myself or anyone else fall into that trap. Everyone (from activists who want to change the world, to families who want to use Netflix) deserves a secure VPN that is fast and suited to their needs.

That’s what my site aims to help with. To provide you with a place to learn about the key features of VPNs and if they really match their descriptions.

They can open a tunnel for you to be in the world you want without compromising on your privacy. Enjoy.