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VyprVPN Review: A Real ‘No Logs’ Policy?

​VyprVPN Review: A Real ‘No Logs’ Policy?Since the earliest days of the internet, Golden Frog has been fighting for online privacy. VyprVPN is their leading VPN service, with millions of users trusting it for online security. With 70 countries to choose from and 200,000 IP addresses available, they claim to offer a “fast and reliable” VPN […]

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Perfect Privacy VPN Review: The Most Secure Service?

​Perfect Privacy VPN Review: The Most Secure ​Provider?Before writing this review, we already knew that Perfect Privacy is pretty secure. In fact, many sites have praised it for being ‘the securest VPN on the market.’ But is that really true? And, If you haven’t already noticed, their VPN is priced extremely high. So you’d need a pretty […]

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TorGuard VPN Review: The Best Option For Torrenting?

​TorGuard VPN Review: The Best Option For Torrenting?TorGuard. TOR …. Guard. It has something to do with the Tor browser, right? Wrong. TorGuard stands for “Torrent Guard.” They were one of the first service providers who specialized in private torrenting. Back then, this was a game-changer, because most other​s throttled the bandwidth or altogether blocked P2P (Peer […]

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