​Perfect Privacy VPN Review: The Most Secure ​Provider?

Before writing this review, we already knew that Perfect Privacy is pretty secure. In fact, many sites have praised it for being ‘the securest VPN on the market.’

But is that really true?

And, If you haven’t already noticed, their VPN is priced extremely high. So you’d need a pretty strong reason to choose them over other options.

In this Perfect Privacy VPN review, we’ll try to answer everything about them and determine whether they’re really worth the premium price. We’ll do independent tests, see how they perform in real life, and compare them with other alternatives.

But more on that down below...

Perfect Privacy VPN strengths

Perfect Privacy Featured
  • ​The VPN for ultimate privacy

Perfect Privacy is registered in a private jurisdiction, and their ‘no logs’ policy was confirmed when the Dutch authorities seized two of their servers and found no valuable information.

They’re using the best encryption methods, and innovating in many ways. For instance, the NeuroRouting and MultiHop features are unique and can’t be found elsewhere.

Compared with other VPNs, they’re the securest option by miles. With Perfect Privacy, you’ll never have to worry about staying anonymous.

  • Fast and reliable servers 

We tested ​their servers from various locations at different times. Although they’re not the fastest ones, they’re definitely on the quicker-end.

Depending on the location, we saw 10-50% speed losses, which is considered pretty quick. What’s even better - we didn’t find any overloaded or slow servers.

  • ​7-day refund policy

Essentially, you can try out ​their services for a week, and if you’re still not satisfied, you’ll get a full refund.

Although other VPNs offer a free return for 14 - 45 days, seven days should be more than enough to see how well they’re performing.

Also, there are no hidden rocks in the refund policy. For instance, some VPNs won’t refund you if you’ve used too much data, but that’s not the case with Perfect Privacy.

pp refund policy
  • ​Unlimited connection count

Other VPNs allow using the VPN on 3, 5, or in rare cases 10 different devices simultaneously. But with Perfect Privacy, there is no limit so you can use the VPN on as many devices as you want.

​Perfect Privacy VPN weaknesses

  • ​Not working with Netflix

Unfortunately, ​they do​n't support Netflix.

We tested all of their U.S. servers, and we couldn’t watch Netflix on any of them. So if you’re looking for a VPN that works with Netflix, you should check out CyberGhost, ExpressVPN or NordVPN.

  • ​One of the most Expensive VPNs out there

You can get Perfect Privacy starting at $9.99 per month, which, compared to other VPNs, is really expensive.

But despite this fact, we still think that the high monthly costs are worth it for those who are looking for complete privacy. ​this provider goes above and beyond for ensuring anonymity.

Speed and reliability

We already knew that Perfect Privacy uses SERIOUS encryption. And because of that, we suspected that their server speeds might not be that fast.

You see, better encryption comes at the cost of lower server speeds. That’s because the server also has to use processing power for encrypting the data and making sure that it’s sent to the right recipient.

Speed results without a VPN

First, we recorded the average download speed without a VPN. On average, our download speeds were in the 20-30 Mbps range. For this test, we used a 4G connection from Europe.

Next, we turned on Perfect Privacy’s VPN from various locations and measured what speed losses we got.

pp speedtest

Speed results with Perfect Privacy from Europe

From Germany, our download speed was 18.19 Mbps.

pp germany

From Sweden, our download speed was 23.65 Mbps.

pp sweden

From the United Kingdom, our download speed was 21.86 Mbps.

pp london

The industry average for short-distance VPN connections is 10-30% speed losses. On average, Perfect Privacy fell spot on in this range.

Speed results with Perfect Privacy from the U.S.

From Chicago, our download speed was 13.94 Mbps.

pp chicago

From Dallas, our download speed was 20.93 Mbps.

pp dallas

From Los Angeles, our download speed was 19.44 Mbps.

The industry average for Europe - U.S. long-distance VPN connections is somewhere around 30-50% speed losses.

Again, ​they performed similarly to most other competitors. Nothing to get excited about, but good enough.

Speed results with Perfect Privacy from Asia

From Hong Kong, our download speed was 20.92 Mbps.

pp hong kong

From Singapore, our download speed was 16.88 Mbps.

pp singapore

From Tokyo, our download speed was 22.17 Mbps.

pp tokyo

For Europe - Asia long-distance connections, the industry average is around 30-70% speed losses.

Perfect Privacy performed better than that - we recorded around 20-40% speed losses.

Is Perfect Privacy VPN fast?

​They are pretty fast, but definitely not the quickest VPN out there. For comparison, IPVanish (The fastest VPN in our tests) performed with no speed losses, even for long-distance connections.

That said, they’re still faster than most affordable VPNs.Their server speeds will be more than enough for browsing the web or torrenting.

How reliable is Perfect Privacy VPN?

Considering how expensive Perfect Privacy is, you’d expect a solid performance from their servers - stable speeds, no disconnects, and quick connection times.

And to be honest, their servers really seem quite solid. The first connection times were only a few seconds, the speed readings were consistent, and we didn’t experience a single disconnect.

How often is Perfect Privacy down?

Downtime can be an issue with affordable VPNs, so we didn’t expect to find too many cases of their servers being down, given their price tag.

The only instance where we found downtime, was back in 2016 when the Dutch government seized two of their servers. And even then the downtime was minimal because replacement servers were quickly set up and working.

So with Perfect Privacy, you shouldn’t expect any meaningful downtime issues.

Is Perfect Privacy VPN safe?

​It is incredibly secure. In fact, they’re the safest VPN out there, by miles. In addition to using the best industry practices, they’re innovating with completely new features. A lot of the security measures they’ve put into place, you won’t find elsewhere.

Variety of tunneling protocols

You’ll be able to switch between these tunneling protocols: OpenVPN, IPSec, PPTP, and SSH2. By default, the app allows you to swap only between OpenVPN and IPsec. The PPTP and SSH2 protocols will require additional files to be downloaded.

SSH manager

When you download the add-on “Perfect Privacy SSH Manager,” you’ll be able to use HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies, which are useful for specific apps and some older games. Additionally, you can activate the “Tor proxy,” which lets you connect to .onion sites through your regular browser.

Secure Encryption

You’ll be able to switch between AES 128-bit and AES 256-bit encryptions. Both were developed by the U.S. military and are considered incredibly safe.

Although the 256-bit encryption is safer, we believe that it’s smarter to use the 128-bit one. It’s faster than the 256-bit one and also considered undecipherable even by supercomputers.

Multi-Hop VPN

The Multi-Hop feature essentially passes your connection through multiple servers. This is good for those who are looking to ramp up their online privacy to the next level.

Although your network speeds will drop by around 70-90%, your connection will be basically untraceable. You can route your connection through up to four different servers.

We’ve seen similar options available on some other VPNs (for instance, the NordVPNs doubleVPN feature,) however, none of them offer multiple hops.

You can enable Multi-Hop through app settings, and then manually connect to multiple servers of your choice. Here’s an example, where I connected to four different servers (Basel - Copenhagen - Berlin - Chicago.)

multi-hop VPN


If you enable Neurorouting, you’ll automatically be connected to the nearest server for each website you’re accessing. This feature is unique to ​this service, and we haven’t seen anything similar on other VPNs.

It uses neural networks to determine the nearest servers for each request. The connection is kept inside the VPN for as long as possible, which makes it much more secure.

No IPV4, IPV6, WebRTC, and DNS leaks

DNS leaks occur when your ISP (Internet Service Provider) forces your connection through their DNS servers. By doing that, they’re able to see what websites you’ve accessed even when you’re using a VPN.

Obviously, with a VPN of this caliber, we didn’t expect any IPV4, IPV6 or DNS leaks.

And we were correct because we didn’t find any. Although the screenshot below says that our DNS might be leaking, it wasn’t. Our real DNS addresses were different.

pp dns leak test


Unfortunately, ​they don't offer 24/7 live chat support, while many of their competitors do. To contact them, you’ll either have to use the forum, fill a contact form, or write an email to [email protected]

To see how good their support is, we filled a contact form on their website and waited for a reply. We wanted to see how they’d respond to something common, like optimizing their VPN for the best possible torrent speeds. You can see how the conversation went down below.

pp support

A customer support representative responded within a few hours, and the answer was quite in-depth and helpful. So if you run into any problems, you can be sure that eventually, someone will be there to help.

Although a live chat would be better, their support was definitely passable. We’d rate it at three out of five stars.

Device compatibility and apps

Although Perfect Privacy is quite popular, they haven’t made too many dedicated apps and extensions. This means that you’ll have to follow their setup tutorials for manual configurations.

You’ll find dedicated apps for these devices:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • ​MacOS

And setup tutorials for these devices:

  • ​iOS
  • ​Linux
  • VILFO routers
  • Blackberry
  • Fire TV Stick
  • AsusWRT Merlin routers
  • pfSense
  • DD-WRT routers
  • Tomato
  • eBlocker
  • RaspberryPi
  • DrayTek routers

It’s a shame that ​they still haven’t made apps for iOS and Linux, but they’ve said that they’ll be introducing them pretty soon.

pp compatibility

User experience

Perfect Privacy offers easy-to-use apps and simple setup tutorials. We agree that design-wise, they’re not perfect, but overall everything is located where it should be. Someone new to VPNs shouldn’t have a hard time finding out how everything works.

That said, we’d definitely agree that ​the provider is aimed towards people who aren’t new to VPNs.

Easy setup process

On the setup process, we didn’t encounter any difficulties. Some VPNs make it hard for new users to register and install their apps, but that’s not the case with Perfect Privacy.

When we entered our email, payment details, and selected the plan, we were redirected to the download page. The installation was straightforward and didn’t take too long.
The whole process took only around five minutes.

pp dashboard

Easy-to-use apps

You can see how their Windows (left) and Android (right) apps look in the screenshot below.

pp ui

​Setting​​​​s and customization

As you’d expect from a VPN of this caliber, the settings offer a lot of customization. You’ll be able to configure just about anything.

On the ‘program settings’ tab, you’ll be able to set up how their app starts-up and select the encryption strength. To change the tunneling protocol, go to the ‘Perfect Privacy Settings’ tab.

pp settings

In the ‘Firewall and DNS’ tab, you'll be able to set up the kill-switch and configure the VPN for DNS and IPV6 leaks.

pp firewall

And if you’re looking for additional security settings, go to the ‘Cascading and Stealth’ tab. From there you can enable the multi-hop feature or set up the Stealth VPN / proxy.

pp stealth

Locations and servers

Although Perfect Privacy is pretty popular, they have only 40 servers in 26 countries. For comparison, NordVPN has 5000+ servers in 60+ countries.

They’re definitely going for quality over quantity because all of their servers are properly optimized for maximum privacy and performance. We didn’t find any servers that suffered from over-usage or slow download speeds, so don’t get discouraged by the tiny server count.

Perfect Privacy offers dynamic IP addresses

Although the server count is quite small, you won’t always have to use the same IP. Some of their servers offer dynamic IPs, which means that every time you connect to the server, you’ll be assigned with a random IP.

Is Perfect Privacy good for torrenting?

Basically, you’re looking for three things in a VPN when it comes to torrenting - It has to be fast, secure, and shouldn’t throttle bandwidth.

As we already mentioned, you shouldn’t worry about privacy and security. And on their website, ​they state that there are no bandwidth limits put into place. But what about the speed?

To see how fast ​it works with torrents, we measured uTorrent download speeds with the VPN enabled and with it turned off. You can see the results down below.

pp torrenting

As you can see, with ​the VPN turned on, our download speed dropped by 40%. Not the worst result, but we’ve seen better.

Perfect Privacy is okay for torrenting - you’ll get decent speeds and won’t have to worry about your privacy whatsoever.

Is Perfect Privacy good for Netflix?   

Nowadays, a lot of VPNs aren’t supporting Netflix anymore. That’s because Netflix has improved its VPN detection systems, and it’s getting harder for them to stay under the radar.

And unfortunately, Perfect Privacy also doesn’t support Netflix.

To test this out, we checked all five of their USA servers, and all returned the error seen in the screenshot below. So if you’re looking for a VPN that works with Netflix, you should check out ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or Surfshark.

pp netflix

Does Perfect Privacy VPN work in China and other censored countries?

Although we didn’t test this for ourselves, we researched that most Perfect Privacy’s users don’t run into any issues while connecting to the VPN from China or other censored countries. That’s because ​they are using advanced techniques for bypassing the local firewalls.

For instance, if you turn on the ‘Stealth VPN,’ your connection will look like a regular HTTPS connection. This is usually enough to get the VPN working in China. However, if it’s still not working, you can also turn on SSLDroid, which will obfuscate your traffic.

That said, even Perfect Privacy might not work in China from time to time, because China keeps updating their detection algorithms. It’s advised that you use two or three good VPNs there, so you can always get a connection that’s working. Aside from them, a few other good VPNs are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and TorGuard.

Where is Perfect Privacy VPN from (jurisdiction)?

Perfect Privacy VPN is registered under VECTURA DATAMANAGEMENT LTD and is based in Switzerland. However, their principal office is based in Panama.

Switzerland and Panama are both private jurisdictions, which means that they don’t share their data with other jurisdictions. For a VPN, a private jurisdiction is perfect, because they’re out of reach from all the major intelligence agencies (For instance, the NSA.)

​It was established back in 2008, which means they’re one of the oldest VPNs in the market. Although they’re pretty small, in this time they’ve managed to become the most reliable and private VPN out there.

Perfect Privacy’s ‘No logs’ policy

Similar to most other VPNs, ​they also employ a ‘no logs’ policy, which basically means that they aren’t collecting any private information about their users. With this policy, they’re ensuring that if the government seized any of their servers, they wouldn’t get much information about their users.

Here’s a screenshot from ​their website, where they confirm that they aren’t collecting any logs.

pp no logs

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s true. Often VPNs say that they aren’t collecting any logs, when in fact they really are.

We checked their Privacy Policy and found that the ‘No logs’ policy is restated in the terms. Privacy Policy is a legal document, which is more binding than a simple statement on the website.

pp data collection

Back in 2016, two of Perfect Privacy’s servers were seized in Rotterdam by the Dutch authorities. Although the reasoning of these seizures was unclear, no valuable customer data was found.

This seizure confirmed that their ‘No logs’ policy is actually true. Which is why we would recommend Perfect Privacy for those who are looking for complete privacy.

If you’re a journalist, a political activist, an anonymous source, or otherwise someone who needs to stay private, your best bet is to go with Perfect Privacy over other VPNs.

Additional features

Aside from everything mentioned earlier, Perfect Privacy offers some other exciting features.

Kill switch

Sometimes a technical issue may cause a disconnect from the VPN, which could reveal your true IP address. The Kill switch blocks all traffic in those cases, so your real IP stays hidden. It’s a must for any VPN if you’re looking to stay private.

TrackStop Adblocker

With Perfect Privacy, you’ll also get a built-in adblocker on the DNS level. You can enable it through ‘My account’ section on their website. There, you can also, add additional layers of security, like child protection filters (NSFW websites blocked), fraud filters, and fake news filters.

pp tracking

We tested how well TrackStop works by browsing several websites that are known to display way too many ads.

You can see how forbes.com changed with the TrackStop filter turned on in the screenshot down below.

pp forbes

As you can see, all the ads were blocked.

We’ve also tested built-in adblockers on other VPNs, and we found TrackStop to be the best one. Everything loaded pretty fast, and most ads were blocked.

Pricing and discounts

​It is definitely one of the most expensive options on the market. You can get it starting from $9.99 per month. For comparison, Surfshark starts at $1.99 per month and NordVPN at $2.99 per month.

But by choosing an affordable option, you’re risking your privacy. With Perfect Privacy, you’ll know that you’re using the securest VPN on the market.

pp plans

Payment options

Perfect Privacy is cooperating with PaymentWall, which provides heaps of different payment methods, depending on your location.

You’ll be able to pay with:

  • PaymentWall (60+ payment methods: Visa, MC, Amex, UnionPay, AliPay, WebMoney, and more.)
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin, BitCash (If you’re looking to stay anonymous, it’s best to pay with Bitcoin.) 

Our final verdict: Is Perfect Privacy VPN worth it?

On the one hand, they’re incredibly expensive. They aren’t compatible with Netflix and offer only 40 servers, which is only a fraction of what their competitors do. So we understand why some are leaning towards other VPNs.

But on the other hand, no other VPN is more secure than Perfect Privacy. With Perfect Privacy, you’ll get NeuroRouting, MultiHop, unlimited devices, a wide variety of tracking filters, and they’ll work flawlessly in China. That, and also the fact that their small fleet of servers is stable, reliable, and overall pretty fast.

So is it worth it to pay so much for ​this VPN?

​We'd like to conclude our Perfect Privacy VPN review by saying, yes!

​We’d recommend ​it for those who value online privacy. They’ll be perfect for journalists, political activists, and other people who need to stay anonymous.

But if you’re an average user who wants to stay private while torrenting or watching Netflix, we’d recommend other VPNs instead, like ExpressVPN or NordVPN. That way, you’ll save some money.

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